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Hannah Grace makes her living as an actress, singer, and voice actress in Tokyo.  She is best known for her role as Scott Sensei in the NHK morning drama Hanako to Anne.  Her voice can currently be heard on the NHK radio program “Gendai Eigo”, the anime “Sushi Town” and US and UK “Aquabeads” commercials, among other things.   Hannah made her professional musical debut at the age of 16 as Sister Leo in the musical “Nunsense”. She received her acting degree from Ball State University and moved to Tokyo soon afterwards. 


Since moving to Tokyo in 2011 she has been involved in numerous TIP productions both on and off-stage. Credits include “The Crucible” (Abigail), “Dog Sees God” (Van’s Sister), “No Exit” (Inez), “Into the Woods” (The Witch), and “Little Women” (Jo March).  Directing credits for TIP include “Night Must Fall” and the Musical “Big River”. She is thrilled to work with the formidable Karen Pauley and this outstanding cast. She would like to thank her voice teacher April Perkinson who opened up new vocal horizons, her husband who keeps her alive, and her parents for being there even when on the other side of the globe.

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