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Say Nothing Productions and Tokyo International Players Second Stage were proud to present Jason Robert Brown's Songs for a New World in June 2018, at Theater Hope, Nakano.

Director: Karen Pauley

Producer: Marty Pauley

Pianist: Kevin McHugh

Production Designer: Jonah Hagans

Stage Manager: Kate Nielsen

Sound & Technical Supervisor: Jack Merluzzi

Lighting: Marty Pauley, Gini Benson

Set Construction: Jonah Hagans

Backdrop: Isaku Goto

Photography: Rodger Sono, Carlos Quiapo

Assistant Stage Manager: Taylor Wanstall

Japanese Translation: Saya Suetsugu Johnson

Front of House: Ellie Yoshimura, Lee Atkin, Shinji Kobata, Kailey Agpaoa, Simone Elke

Went to see this show today. The impressive casts have gorgeous voices and the songs are so beautiful. -- Chieko Tanaka

Congratulations and thank you for a stunning Opening Night! You and your outstanding cast filled the theater with beauty, passion, joy, spirit, tears, reflection, sensuality, playfulness, awe...and also hilarity and hoots and hollers! A brilliant mix of all things human. -- Rachel Walzer


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